Recyclog GmbH

We thrive on building partnerships with all of our customers and are dedicated to continuously exceeding their expectations.

Company Name:  Recyclog GmbH

Creation Date : 2005

Vat NumDE 814979286

Phone Number: +4 916-3110-4130

Number of Workers: 23

Working Days: Monday – Fridays (8.00am- 5pm)

Corporate culture

“Creating sustainable value” is the purpose that unites all of us at Recyclog GmbH We want to create value – for our customers, for our teams and our people, for our shareholders as well as for the wider society and communities in which we operate.”

Our corporate culture and our purpose, vision, mission, and values unite our diverse workforce and provide a clear framework and guidance. Globally binding behavioral rules are specified in a series of codes. They provide guidance for the behavior and actions of our employees in all our business areas around the world.


We are committed to continuously work on finding innovative solutions to best serve high quality, differentiated and cost-effective products in alignment with our commitment to social responsibility.


Foreseeing a world of progress where we discover new realms of customer satisfaction. To become the most respected and sought after trading house in the region be it in customer service or in employee satisfaction.


Long-term partnerships, mutual trust, full transparency are attributes that we stand for towards our customers and suppliers. Through our seamless processes, we ensure that there is complete monitoring on our logistics routes.


We commit ourselves to provide impeccable quality at every stage, that is, from production to delivery. We have our inspection team that checks the quality at 3 stages, that is, at the factory, at the warehouse and prior to customer delivery to help us maintain our supreme quality.


We take full accountability for our actions. We believe in honoring our contracts and obligations irrespective of the outcome. We promote ethical behavior through transparency and lawful operations.


We recognize the value of our Customers, Suppliers, Business Partners, and fellow Team Members. We are accountable to each other and accept appropriate rewards and consequences. We foster an environment of equal opportunities that allows for both personal and professional development.


We embrace a culture of continuous improvement by seeking feedback, working closely with our Customers and encouraging our employees to take initiatives to bring about effective changes to better our operations. We ensure inconsistencies are prioritized and adjusted at the earliest.

Our Business

We deal with Copy papers, Nuts, Fish, Vegetable Oil, Vegtables,  Animal Nutrition, Scrap, Fruits, Wood products through our customers and suppliers based all over the planet. Our international partners are importers and exporters, wholesalers, department stores, duty-free stores, online retailers and perfumeries. We purchase our products directly from the head offices of the major brands, or from a recognized network, which is usually selected by the motherhouses. Our business consists in planning our orders together with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of giving them complete and consistent cooperation.

– Reliability, reliability, reliability;

-100% Honesty (no tricks, no games) in the business collaboration;

– Always kept promises;

– Never broken words;

– Always given our best.


  • Responsibility. We always keep our promises.
  • Efficiency. We strive to achieve the best result for best value.
  • Teamwork. We respect and trust each other and we know only through collaboration can we reach set targets.
  • Safety. We personally adhere to safety of our products and resources. All our products are Quality certified at the highest standards

Our partners and customers are from all over the world

Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Former Soviet Union, Middle East, North Africa, South America, Far East Countries, USA.

Our team is a compilation of experienced professionals in each business field with young and dynamic people. This helps our customers to receive the best service, the best variety of products and most competitive prices.


Get In Touch

+(491)6 -3110 -4130

ofstr. 64 – Gewerbepark-Süd 40723 Hilden Germany


We dedicate immense amount of energy in building long and sustained relationships with our Customers’ for times to come. For this, we go to the nth mile and have aligned our focus “From the Farmlands to the Table”