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Recyclo GmbH is one of the leading independent importer, exporter, and wholesaler, distribution companies that owns, markets and distributes a wide selection of food and non-food products. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Germany, our company grew rapidly and this success can be attributed to our strategic vision, insightful product development, and an ambition to establish globally.

What We Offer

Recyclog GmbH is a consumer-oriented company established in 2005. We are committed to quality products and quality services. Over the past decade, we have built a solid reputation based on these two principles. Through our suppliers, we continuously keep abreast of the latest manufacturing technologies. We take pride in the fact that our suppliers are among the largest and most reputed in the region. While having the right product is important, apprising the customers about these and making timely supplies is equally important. Here too, we strive to excel. We are staffed with knowledgeable people eager to meet customers’ individual requirements. We believe in developing long term relationships with our customers. Having more than twenty years of association with many of them bears testimony to mutual loyalty.

We value integrity, hard work and perseverance, and welcome the continuing challenges and opportunities that inspire our business every day. We have the resources and solutions that can benefit our customers whether they are starting a new business or expanding an existing one. Our mission is to ensure our customers’ commercial growth and success by providing the best products and services tailored to their needs

Extensive tests have been conducted to ensure safety for humans / animals

Our solutions are all premium Quality assured

All our formulations are certified with Quality standards from respective bodies.

Our products are human and environment friendly always.

Quality has been constantly upgraded with no compromise.

Servicing the Agro Industry for More Than a Decade

Our clients are large corporations, government-linked companies as well as private estates and smallholders. We have grown rapidly in global markets achieving excellent performances exceeding consumer expectation. All our products, have been well received by regional as well as trans continent markets. It has enabled us to achieve greater heights, gain respect and reputation from industry experts.

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Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Our solutions are all premium Quality assured. Our dedicated quality team manages and controls the entire supply chain. Throughout the process, we conduct quality checks to ensure our products are safe and comply with all regulatory standards. 

All Recyclog GmbH products are processed in state of the art facilities independently certified to the highest quality standards. We take great pride in delivering nature’s finest produce that retains the natural best of every fruit and vegetable. Our trained sensory panel monitors and evaluates the sensory properties of every product. Because we test for taste, mouthfeel and colour, customers are assured that their specification is met in a high quality, safe fruit and vegetable ingredient.

“Offering High Quality Products with Consistency & Variety!”

Our goal is to supply only original, high quality products that meet the strict requirements of consumers in Western Europe, at attractive and competitive prices. Stable and close cooperation with the largest distributors and manufacturers allows us to achieve that.

Proven Success

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We dedicate immense amount of energy in building long and sustained relationships with our Customers’ for times to come. For this, we go to the nth mile and have aligned our focus “From the Farmlands to the Table”